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A diverse team of people receiving digital safety training

3 Learning Management Systems you can try today

As safety professionals, many of us are responsible for this one task, while some rely on external providers — training. But most of us still do a lot of it physically, even though some could move online for a better, easier, quicker reach.
safety manager using a laptop to manage online training via google

Don’t wait for IT. Get training online today.

In this newsletter, I will share 5 steps to getting your training online using 5 simple and FREE tools. Free tools have their limits, but they are great to start with.
Steps being drawn on a chalkboard

Putting Paperless to Practice (2)

This week, I will share how you can digitise a paper-based process using tools you already have. That is, costing you nothing.
windows computer on a white desk

Putting Paperless to Practice (1)

First day in a previous role, I died just looking at the cupboards stacked with paperwork I had just inherited from the retiring safety director. How do we have this much paper? It’s amazing how common this is in so many workplaces. Even in 2022.

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